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Mouse nose

”MouseSensitive nose of a mouse protecting human being from executioner is necessary. Although we invented such scanners that detect the explosive, but still the planes blast in the air with a bloom. Big buildings like twin towers are shattering into small pieces. For detecting explosive we trained dogs, and they are fulfilling their duties nicely due to their sensitive smell power.

A new research has been made in this field that mouse have more sensitive nose rather than a dog. If a dog has 756 olfactory receptor genes, where as the mouse have 1,120 such genes. Then we could conclude our self that mice are very much sensitive in smelling.

An Israeli based company has created a scanner that will be different from the present body scanner. The newly created scanner has not x-ray device, but have an enclosure with mouse in it. The working mouse is trained to smell 8 kinds of explosives. When a culprit carrying such explosive will pass under the scanner the smell of explosive make the mouse miserable, react and will run away from the place to the adjoining chamber, thus trigger an alarm.

Asthma detector

”AsthmaEvery body know this fact that asthma gives a horrible pain when attacks to any person. Surely if the person will know about this attack earlier or at least one day before, he may mange for its prevention.

World renowned company Siemens has created a device that is a breath detector. This handy device tells the person who is going to be the victim of asthma at least one day before. In the mean time the person may take the proper medicine and prevent the disease.

It has been detected that the level of nitrogen oxide increases before one day when asthma attacks on our body. This detector may find nitric oxide at very low level. As the inflammation will be greater the higher will be the level of nitric oxide, hence will indicate the attack of disease. Doctors can suggest the medicine in this matter.

Device for paralyzed persons

”DeviceWhen any person gets injuries after accident, he became paralyses and unable to move the organs of the body, now with the creation of an admirable device he may walk. The University of Louisville has plant an electrode lay out into the body of paralyzed person. This newly invented device is designed to send signals that accelerate the lower portion of the spinal cord. The spinal cord controls the movements of toes, as well as ankles, knees and hips. This tremendous device copies the signals of the brain apparent motions. The device accelerates the nerves in the spinal cord, which returns the required commands to the lower organs of the body. This top invention giving a possibility that paralyzed persons may overcome their disability.

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